1. Donation of civic centre to Use Ndon community.
  2. Construction project at Ntak Afaha, Ukanafun LGA.
  3. Completion and commissioning of IWADU house at Ibiono Ibom LGA
  4. Donation of artificial limbs to amputees.
  5. Donation of school uniforms to students of St. Mary’s science college.
  6. Donation of books and shops to Akwa Ibom youths.
  7. Donation of battery to power generator of Oruko General Hospital, Urue Offiong, Oruko LGA.
  8. Donation of prosthetic legs to Enobong and Imaobong.
  9. Donation of pipe borne water to Use Abat community.
  10. Donation of sets of school uniforms to all students of community high school Edem Urua.
  11. Donation of fully furnished ultra-modern barber shop to three youths of Use Ndon.
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